Effortless X Style


Firstly, my apologies for the lack of regular content on The Handsome Guyde. I've been grinding behind the scenes organizing upcoming projects to share with you all.

The Handsome Guyde is featuring an effortless dress-casual look from the H&M collection, featuring my Relic watch by Fossil then finishing up with the classic Clae sneakers. The H&M Collarless shirt and H&M Skinny Fit trousers have the perfect comfortable skinny fit for fall fashion. This specific collection from H&M is a go-to for me being that it obtains the tailor fit style I prefer. The collarless shirt has a complementing effect with any trousers. The Relic watch by Fossil has the durable mesh bracelet that goal well with any dress-casual outfit. Finishing this look off with my favorite AMAZING casual sneakers from CLAE (lol)!!! #CLAEALLDAY!!! This day was very relaxing, I went downtown scoping out the transformation of the city over the years. So much has changed here in DTOK. All we had downtown was the ballpark, Harkins movie theatre and Bass Pro Shop. It's refreshing to have more museums, food trucks, and out beloved OKC Thunder, BUT it's NY Knicks all day!!!

For me fashion is about breaking the rules. There aren't any limits, so live effortlessly!


The Handsome Guyde