¡Que Viva Miami! | Florida

Hello all the way from Miami, Florida!!! This was my first visit to Florida, and will not be my last. The scene in Miami was amazing. Downtown was great! The many buildings and close proximity to the beach was nice during the day. But when night hit.. I'd compare it to "as seen on tv", lol! The buildings we saw during the day were lit beautifully. Our night caps on the beach with the music and the many people walking around is memorable. On this trip my stay with hosted by Airbnb. The neighborhood itself was nice, it gave us a feeling as if we were actual locals to the MIA area. But wait ... before I get into all of details about the trip, quick advise... PLEASE BOOK AHEAD OF TIME, also "CHECK THE WEATHER"!!! Let me tell you, it rained from when I arrived to just about when I was leaving. I enjoyed every moment but, it was challenging to do everything I wanted to do. The rain didn't stop me though! Overall, it was defintely a learning experience and look forward to returning when it isn't raining as much. I'd always heard of Florida having sporadic rain, but this was a constant down pouring type. 

Okay, okay, let's get to the causal stylings I wore while in Miami. My Jack Purcell Converse shoes made a statement while visiting. These shoes kept a classy look seem causal, which I loved in the Miami streets. The native people there seemed to have that sort of a style. The comfort of these shoes aren't the same as your regular Converse. I only found myself ready to take them off to feel the sand on South Miami beach. 

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Photos: Rodney Daniels Jr. 

Asst: Aunteia Lovett & Craig Hackney  

Art direction, Editing & Model: Rodney Daniels Jr.