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Featuring:  Zara Flannel | BYLT Shirt | H&M Chinos | Timex Watch | Converse Shoes


Welcome to the New Year....!!!!

The year is starting off pretty good, the reason for that is because I am definitely venturing out on new ideas, being more creative & being able to truly show what I am passionate about. We all have our ups and downs but never give up on what you truly love! With that being said, I teamed up with BYLT Apparel Brand by showcasing this drop-cut shirt that is very comfort, made with 100% cotton! It has that fresh softness that is made to last, along with having that rounded bottom that fits for any build and looks great. Also this is a great shirt for anyone that is definitely into fitness, I am a very active person when it comes to fitness! So, great to add to the workout warerobe. 

I always love to mix up clothes that would not fit the attire ("it is all about breaking rules & coming up with new ideas in the fashion world")! So, I ended up adding the BYLT drop-cut with a Flannel Shirt from ZARA , and some chino pants from H&M, along with having the casual Jack Purcell CONVERSE sneaker. And you know....I FINISHED IT OFF......with stunning casual watch from TIMEX 


This month is where you are able to gather some new ideas to put together for a casual weekend look. Also there is a lot of sales going on right now, so definitely go shop my look here now! But, this is the moment designers are creating all new material for this year,so in the meantime....I have a solution for you all! When it comes to shopping, I am a patient shopper. When it comes to looking for a new outfit or something like pair of pants to keep a great style going , I tend to go back in my closet and pull out things that I have not wore in a period of time. So this allows me to be creative by adding something different. But, don't be afraid to go pull out that shirt,pair of pants, or sneaker or anything that you have been hesitant about wearing. Mix and mingle with the old to the new and see what you can bring back into the new year. 

Hello to a new advernture!



Photos: Rodney Daniels Jr.

Photos by: Maryh Harris

Art direction, Editing & Model: Maryh Harris & Rodney Daniels Jr.


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