K I L L S H O T 2 - Vol. I

Hey hey now, it has been a while since I have gave y'all some amazing content here on The Handsome Guyde. 

Well guess what???..., I am going to update you on the journey and the latest of what all I been doing on this post. I know ya'll was like this guy has went MIA, and I know I have to be consistent but I have been on this new journey to become highly active with the blog in the future. With that being said, I have been finding more inspirations ideas, able to learn more about editing, more creative ideas, and definitely give ya'll the best content. I have a lot of new stuff stirring up and want to make sure I give yall the best and put my heart into. 


The Fashion Game needed life, I put my heart in it..!


Featuring: Watch: Breda:Zapf (Perforated), Shirt: Banana Republic: Long-Sleeve Stripe Terry Crew Shirt, Sneakers: J.Crew:Nike for J.Crew Killshot 2, Sunglasses: ASOS: Narrow Round Sunglasses in Brown


Photos by: Rodney Daniels Jr.

Modeling, Creative & art direction, Photography, Production, Retouching, Styling, Writing: Rodney Daniels Jr.


The Handsome Guyde