Boldness w/Azuro Republic

By: Rodney Daniels Jr. 

 Suits with Boldness

When it comes to suits in my opinion, it's a look that is viewed in a bad way or just not an enjoyment.  They are either talked about with Wall Street type guys, funerals, just plain corporate life. When it comes to suits for me, I definitely get excited about getting a fitted suit, all the qualities for it. When I talk to some of my friends about it, it is not a big deal or something they're really thrilled about. Usually I hear about them getting a suit for a funeral, wedding, or something that is just in the norm. Upon hearing about this I was definitely surprised, but not too much.  But, to their defense, their are referring to those old plain grey and black suits, the ones you do wear to funerals! I did ask them, if they have just went out in public and just wore a suit for fun, of course no. They told me they didn’t realize you could wear suits for fun, and also didn’t realize the multitude of fabrics and styles suits can be craft! Being a gentleman and wearing a suit is amazing thing in my eyes, I love everything about the depths from the tie, shoes, and being confident about what I am wearing with a suit. So when searching for a new suit, this time I said I am going bold!  

White Jade (Respect) 

When going bold with my suit, I partnered up with Azuro Republic & added the amazing handmade craftsmanship bracelet to add to The Handsome Guyde look! The bracelet I chose has a meaning to it, so I went with the White JadeWhite Jade is found in Iran, Afghanistan, India, and XinJiang. White Jade represents the qualities that a person is trusted among other, and the quality of unselfishness. People who choose to wear white jade are said to be the leader and is usually trustworthy among the group.

“Don’t hide your scars, they make you who you are.”
— Frank Sinatra
2018-03-04_Handsome Guyde_Downtown -01.jpg
White Jade - Azuro Republic  at  Leaf + Bean

Thank you AZURO REPUBLIC for the partnering up with me, with this amazing post. Definitely check their website out for more information...Click on button below!!!

Photos by: Ben Winters

Modeling, Creative & art direction, Photography, Production, Retouching, Styling, Writing: Ben Winters,  Rodney Daniels Jr.


The Handsome Guyde


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