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Le Labo Fragrance     -    Portland,OR

Le Labo Fragrance - Portland,OR

As you know I am always on the move and this year I have really been on the move with sight seeing and being able to travel more to explore more. With that being said, over the summer time I decided to go somewhere for my birthday & by the title you know ****inserts laughing emojis!!! Portland was an amazing place that I recommend to add to the trip list. While on the trip I partnered up with a good friend to show off his amazing watch.

Here are some dope places that I recommend going:

  • Good Coffee PDX

  • Proud Mary Coffee - This is was by far on my top list!!!

  • Burnside Bridge

  • Portland Art Museum

  • Much more, just explore Portland’s amazing scenery!

  • As for the rest of my trip, I definitely recommend to just walk around the city! Don’t take a Uber or rent a car, just rent a bike or just go with some friends & walk all over the place. There is so many great places close by in every area! Such as, The Portland Art Museum, the different foods, and definitely talk to the people that spread great vibes about Portland. Overall trip I would say I rate this at 5/5 ****inserts thumb up,lol!

  • Hope all is well with everyone

    Much love to all my readers

    The Handsome Guyde

Watch: Don Daniel Watch | Shirt: J.Crew |Sneakers: CLAE |Bracelet: Galis Jewelry

Photos by: Rodney Daniels Jr & Cynthia Tran

Modeling, Creative & Art Direction, Photography, Production, Retouching, Styling, Writing: Rodney Daniels Jr. & Cynthia Tran


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